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We are a small voluntary group who covers pretty much all of the east midlands. Unfortunately volunteers and fosterers are in short supply. Home checks, dog checks and actual rehoming of dogs are all carried out in our spare time as the rescue is not our paid job. So we would ask you to be patient with us if we dont answer the phone straight away, or if we cannot come round straight away to do your home check / dog check.


We generally try to rehome dogs at the weekend and its not unusual for one volunteer to rehome two or three dogs in one day. But this means we may ask you to fit in with the volunteers schedule for that day to make everything run smoothly, its also not unusual for us to be running a little late.


We would love to have kennels and a full time staff so that we could take in all the unwanted Staffies that are phoned into us, but as we are a small group we do not have our own kennels. We work on a home to home basis and are very fortunate to have a few dedicated foster carers.


We personally visit and assess all the dogs we take on. We personally visit and assess all new prospective homes. We are very good at matching dogs to new owners. It is not usually possible for you to meet the dog before you take him or her on because of the distances involved, (although this is possible sometimes), but you can see the pictures and have a full description of his/her personality from the volunteer who assessed the dog, or if its in foster care you can talk to the fosterer.


For dogs in foster care its a bit like going to boot camp. We can assess them further and give them some structure rules and boundaries which makes the transition to their new home a lot easier.


Because of the way we work we have a very high success rate. In many respects weve found the way we do things is better than having kennels as Staffies in particular do not do well in kennels. In a perfect world you would visit a kennel and all the dogs would be well behaved and the kennel staff would have a full history on the dog and you would pick the one you think would suit you best. In reality when you visit a kennel the staff do not always have any background information at all about the dogs, some will have been abandoned for unknown reasons, and the dogs are usually quite stressed and overly excited by your attention, so unfortunately you do not get a true idea of what the dog is really like.


The ideal way for a Staffy would be to have them all in foster care but unfortunately there are far too many dogs and not enough fosterers.


We do not allow new prospective owners to speak to the existing owner that is giving a dog up for several reasons:- Data protection and privacy. Many times people are having to give their dog up but do not want to, so it is unwise for them to have contact with or to know where the new owner lives. Dogs are always rehomed away from their original area, say from Leicester to Derby. This maintains the new owners privacy, but we always contact the old owner if they want us to so we can let them know the rehome has been successful and to pass on any pictures we are sent.





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Mon Thurs 10am to 6pm Friday 10am to 12.30pm Norma Vann 01162 606365


Mon - Fri 7pm to 9pm Sat & Sun 10am 4pm Helen Treece on 01332 557630



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