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When you enquire about adopting a dog from us, after an initial chat on the phone a volunteer in your area will arrange to come round and do a home visit. This is very informal and nothing to worry about. The rescue needs to check that you have an enclosed garden and see where the dog will sleep. It is good to meet all family members in person and is also a good opportunity for you to ask questions. If you have never had a dog before or just not at the moment, we may bring one of our own dogs round for you to meet a bouncy, full of life, cheeky Stafford.


The visit helps us decide what sort of dog is right for you, for example: if you have young children in your immediate or extended family or cats and other dogs we will only put a dog in your home that is used to children, cats and other dogs. If you already have a dog in residence we need to assess him/her to see if we think they will accept another dog into the household.



Once between us weve decided what you need in a dog its a question of finding the right dog for you. We personally assess all the dogs we rehome and match the dog to the new owner, this way we have the most success. Its not just a question of you just picking any dog from the website that you like the look of, we must also think that its the right dog for you, one that will fit in with your family and lifestyle.


When you adopt a dog from us you enter into a partnership with the rescue. We do this to protect both the dog and you, this means that if in the future you cannot keep the dog for a genuine reason the rescue will always take the dog back. It also means that for the life of the dog the rescue will always support you with their knowledge and advice.


Donation:- We usually ask for a donation (adoption fee) of 120 when you take a dog from the rescue. This is reduced for dogs over ten years of age and also if you take a pair of dogs together. If an older dog needs on-going medical treatment rescue will sometimes help to support this.


Neutering:- It is a condition of the rescue that all adopted dogs and bitches are neutered.The rescue will usually have this done before you adopt the dog. If this has not been possible i.e. in the case of a puppy. The dog should be returned to the rescues vets to be neutered. If this is not possible because of time and distances involved you can have your own vet do this and claim some of the donation back after this is done. As we are a charitable group we are always very grateful for those owners who are happy to fully fund the neuter themselves.. If a bitch has been spayed by rescue whilst in foster care we may in exceptional circumstances ask you to contribute a little more towards covering the cost of the spay. This will still work out a lot less than if you had the spay done at your own vet and claimed some of the donation back.


Microchipping:- If the dog is already microchipped there is sometimes a 10 admin charge from the chip company to transfer ownership to you. If the dog is not microchipped then one of our volunteers will do this, we sometimes have to charge 10 for this.


All rescue volunteers are unpaid. 100% of the donation goes towards helping dogs. Medical treatment, kennelling, food, equipment, travel expenses etc.


Homecheck Fee:- Whilst we are grateful for any prospective home there are an increasing number of adoptees that change their mind or go to another rescue using us as a reference after the home check has been carried out. Therefore to ensure that the travel and phone expenses incurred by the volunteer are covered should you change your mind or go elsewhere a 10 deposit is required payable at the time of the homecheck as the nearest volunteer to you may be fifty miles away. This is non-refundable but does form part payment towards the donation / adoption fee.


So now its up to you, please ring on the telephone numbers below. Do bear in mind that the rescue is not our paid job, we are all unpaid volunteers, that give our free time to the rescue to help the breed that we love. So if we dont answer the phone straight away, or we ask you to ring back because we are just sitting down to dinner, we hope you will understand.


Perfect Example of The Breed:- It is important to remember that we are a rescue and that these are rescue dogs. If you are looking for the Perfect Stafford, one that is fully trained and obedient, had everything done by way of being chipped neutered and vaccinated, a specific colour and a KC registered Crufts winning champion gladiator example of a short stocky Staffordshire Bull Terrier, then you are probably going to be disappointed. Whilst we do occasionally get dogs that are perfect examples of the breed, the vast majority of them are not. The rescue is here to help as many Staffords as we can, to find permanent loving homes no matter what they may look like. These are Rescue dogs, they may come with a few issues that you need to work through. So if you want to give a good home to a deserving Staffordshire Bull Terrier which may not look like the ones you see at Crufts, but who will love you and be loyal for the rest of its life, then please give us a call.



Please also read the Information and About us pages before you phone.




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Mon Thurs 10am to 6pm Friday 10am to 12.30pm Norma Vann 01162 606365


Mon - Fri 7pm to 9pm Sat & Sun 10am 4pm Helen Treece on 01332 557630


To make a donation please see instructions on the Want to Help or Donate page