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We Do Not Have Kennels but operate on a “Home to Home” basis, which means most dogs stay in their present home or in foster care until a new home is found


Our suggested donation (adoption fee) is a minimum of £120


Please note that we only take dogs and home dogs within our east midlands region. If you are outside our region we can advise you of your local welfare affiliated rescue,

or you can visit www.staffordwelfare.com to find your local welfare affiliated rescue group.


     The rescue would like to thank Pero Pet Foods for their continuing support         








UPDATED 26/11/18




CANNOT SEE PICTURES – We only have a very basic web-site, so if you cannot see pictures of dogs you may be using a newer version of Microsoft Internet Explorer as your web browser. You will need to set it to “Compatibility View” mode to see pictures of available dogs. Hit the Alt key and you will see some menu titles appear at the top left of your screen, click on Tools and a menu drops down, then click on Compatibility View. Our website will reload in a few seconds, click on available dogs and now you should be able to see the pictures. Alternatively install or use Google Chrome as your web browser. 







                             MILO          ON A HOME TRAIL





4 year old brindle male Stafford who is chipped and neutered


Milo is in need of some TLC due to his poor coat condition but that is being addressed in foster care


He is a lovable, obedient boy who loves fuss


Milo walks well on a harness and is fine with other dogs he’s met


He travels well in the car and doesn’t make a sound








7 year old big chunky Pied male who is currently living with a spaniel bitch


He is fine with older children but a change in the family situation means he needs to find a new home


Buddy can be a little choosy with other dogs out on a walk, but with a sensible approach he will be fine.


He is chipped, vaccinated and neutered and has been in the same family from an adolescent








7 year old pied bitch who is currently living with Marshall below


She is chipped, vaccinated and neutered


Lola also does live with cats although they are often separate in the house, with careful introduction to a new cat she may be fine


She is living in a stressful situation so will need some time to settle and come back to the steady gentle girl that she can be


Lola has lived with children











2 year old brindle male who lives with Lola above


He is a gentle boy who just wants to please


A little boisterous on meeting but again he needs to get into a stable home where he can settle


Marshall has also lived with cats and with the right introduction it may be possible for him to live with them again


Ok with children


Chipped, neutered and vaccinated








4 year old male Stafford who has been taken in by a family with other dogs and cats, he has not bothered and is happily living with them all


He will need to learn some basic boundaries but will make a lovely dog as he wants to please and is a good all rounder


Denzil is quite a big boy and currently entire, but will be neutered by rescue









5 year old pretty little red bitch


Kizzie is very happy to meet and greet everyone who gives her attention


She will be spayed this week and her second vaccine completed. She is also microchipped


This little girl was picked up as a stray and therefore is in emergency boarding as her time was up at the pound


We would dearly love for her to have a foster or a forever sofa for Christmas








We cannot guarantee that any dog featured on our web site will be either available or suitable for a prospective owner



Please remember that all the dogs above are Rescue Dogs


They will not always look like “Perfect Examples” of the breed.




There are usually more dogs available than listed above - Please contact Norma Vann for details 






Please read our Adoption Process “Information” and “About Us” pages which will answer a lot of your questions and then contact



Contact Details


Please Phone Between The Times Stated


Mon – Thurs 10am to 6pm  Friday 10am to 12.30pm  Norma Vann  01162  606365


Mon - Fri 7pm to 9pm    Sat & Sun 10am – 4pm  Helen Treece on 01332 557630 



To make a donation please see instructions on the Want to Help or Donate page