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Whilst we do not want to put you off taking on one of our beautiful rescue Staffies, there are a few things we would like you to consider:-


You will need to be a calm assertive person, the pack leader, if you are not the leader, the dog will be. If you feel you are not able with our help and guidance to be the pack leader you may need to reconsider.


Staffies are a people orientated breed and are not always good with other dogs, are you prepared for this? You may always have to walk your Staffy on a lead


Owning a dog is a serious commitment and can be challenging especially at first and should not be gone into half-heartedly. If you are the sort of person who easily gives up at the first hurdle, then perhaps rescuing a Stafford is not for you. Staffies can live for up to 15 years and this is the commitment you would be taking on. Rescue is always there for help and support but at the end of the day you are the one who has to get on with it. We can only do so much over the phone and you have to remember that we are all unpaid volunteers and our time might be limited. We might not be able to visit you again and again to try and help you. Ultimately if you canít cope, and have honestly tried your best with the dog then we will of course put the dog up for rehoming again.


Obviously we want the rehome to work and try our best to match the new owner to the right dog. Any issues that we are aware of are made clear to new owners before they agree to take on any dog, but there is always a honeymoon and settling in period. Some of the behaviour you may have to cope with and overcome is:

Noisy, barking, separation anxiety, trying to dominate you, chewing, destructive behaviour, pulling when you go for a walk. No matter how well house trained or how old a dog is their may be the odd accident. The dog may not be house trained at all. These along with any other issues that come up or that we are aware of is something that you will need to work through, as I said above rescue is always here for help and support but you need to be prepared to give it your best shot and work through any problems.


Staffies need a minimum of an hours exercise a day (preferably a bit more), 7 days a week, with no days off. So this means having to get up earlier in the mornings to walk the dog adequately before work. Getting home in the evening again to give the dog a decent walk and spend time with him and play with him. Staffies ideally need walking twice a day for at least 30 minutes minimum.


Staffies particularly are people dogs and want to spend time with you, they cannot be picked up and put down when convenient like certain other breeds. If you are out at work all day and then usually out most evenings as well then a Staffy is not the best dog for you as they donít like to be home alone.


Staffies are fantastic with children and are known as the nanny dog, they are highly intelligent and affectionate especially with children. The Kennel Club Breed Standard classes the Stafford as one of only two breeds whoís temperament is Totally Reliable. Even with this in mind we would still advise that children under ten years of age should always be supervised and never left alone with a dog.


The whole family must be 100% committed to having the dog, not just one of you. If one of you is going along with having a dog just to keep the peace then generally it just wonít work.


Now for the good news. If youíve had a Staffy before then you already know what a fantastic dog they are, if not your in for a real treat so I hope the above hasnít put you off. Its best that you see and understand the commitment that you are taking on and some of the issues that you might come across. Bear in mind that you could have these same issues with any breed of dog not just a Staffy, whether it be a rescue or one you have from a puppy. The most important thing about our rescue is that when you adopt one of our dogs you are entering into a partnership with the rescue, and we will always be there to offer help and support for the life of the dog. If you are unable to keep the dog in the future for some unforeseen reason then the rescue is there to help as the dog must be rehomed through the rescue, this protects both the dog and you.


Visit the staffordwelfare.com website for more information and tips


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