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We Do Not Have Kennels



     We operate on a “Home to Home” basis which means most dogs have to stay in their present home until a new home is found


                                           We have a very limited number of foster homes for which we operate a waiting list





Please bear in mind that the rescue is not our paid job, we are all unpaid volunteers that give our free time to the rescue to help the breed that we love. So if we don’t answer the phone straight away, or we ask you to ring back because we are just sitting down to dinner, we hope you will understand.


Do you really need to rehome your dog, or could you just do with some help and advice that would enable you to keep your dog. If so then ring us as we may be able to help you.


When you phone we will go through an initial list of questions about your dog and will ask you to email us a couple of pictures. Before we take the dog on we will need to do a home visit to assess that he is a full Stafford, assess his temperament and take more pictures. We will need to see some proof that you do infact own the dog, a £10 surrender fee is sometimes payable at this time (please see below). We may be able to arrange an appointment to see the dog at your initial phone call, but it is more likely that we will ask the volunteer nearest to you to ring you to arrange a convenient time.


We operate on a home-to-home basis, this means that we do not have kennels, as long as the dog is in no imminent danger it is best for him to stay in his existing home whilst a new home is found as Staffords do no do well in kennels. Please bear in mind that new homes do not come forward as often as they used to, so your dog may be with you for some time. Its no use phoning us on Monday night and telling us your being evicted at 5pm the next day, because it is unlikely that we will be able to help you.


Dogs that we rehome must be of sound temperament. If your dogs behaviour is so bad that you don’t want to keep him, we may not be able to rehome him either. Under no circumstances will we rehome a dog that is aggressive towards humans, you will remain liable if your dog bites or attacks someone.


The rescue is not an easy dumping ground for todays disposable society. There are far too many dogs and far too few homes for them. As stated above we work on a home to home basis, we do not have kennels, so we cannot just drop everything and come to collect your dog because we don’t have anywhere to put him. Your dog needs to stay with you until a new home is found. If there is just no way you can keep your dog and he has up-to-date vaccinations you can pay to put him in boarding kennels whilst we try and find a foster home for him.



Surrender Fees: A minimum £10 donation is charged per dog to help cover fuel and telephone costs incurred by our volunteers. If our volunteer has a long way to travel to get to you we will ask for the surrender fee to be paid when we do the initial assessment, however if you are quite close to the volunteer the surrender fee can be paid when a home has been found and we collect the dog from you. The surrender fee has been introduced as an increasing number of owners are selling or giving away their pets after the assessment has been carried out, our volunteer may have had to travel over fifty miles to carry out the assessment so this can leave the rescue out of pocket after paying the volunteers travel expenses never mind the wasted time of the volunteer.


If your dog is Not Chipped (normally around £25) Not Vaccinated (normally around £35), Not Neutered (normally between £120 to £180), we may ask you for a further donation to help cover these costs as you cannot expect the rescue or the new owner to bear the full cost of these.


If your dog is in need of any other veterinary care before he can be rehomed, we may ask you to contribute towards the cost of this treatment as well.


Please phone on the numbers below during the times stated.



Contact Details


Please Phone Between The Times Stated



Mon – Thurs 10am to 6pm  Friday 10am to 12.30pm  Norma Vann 01162  606365


Mon - Fri 7pm to 9pm    Sat & Sun 10am – 4pm  Helen Treece on 01332 557630 




To make a donation please see instructions on the Want to Help or Donate page