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Could You Help  -  are you are thinking of giving a rescue dog a new home but haven’t found the right dog yet?


 Would you consider  -  giving foster care for a short while, with full support, to one of our dogs?


Fostering can be a good way of “testing the water” before taking on a dog full time,


Your Lifestyle may not permit you to have a dog full time but you could still foster when you are able. 



We always need foster carers for several reasons, we get phone calls from people being made homeless who have been hoping against hope to keep their dog and its only at the last minute that they desperately call us for help. Other times even though a dog has been on the website for weeks sometimes months no home has come forward and the owner has had to give the dog up so its foster care, kennels, or a one way trip.


Ideally foster carers will be experienced dog or Staffy owners who know what Staffies can be like when they have not been trained, socialised or given enough time and attention. A certain amount of rehabilitation work may be needed. Any dog we put into foster care will of course be of sound temperament as far as we know, but they may not be a perfectly behaved dog. Could you cope and work with a Staffy that may have a few issues until a permanent home comes forward. Support and training given.


If you have never had a dog or a Staffy before you can still help, not all the dogs that come into rescue have “Issues”. If you would be willing to foster a Staffy that has no particular hang ups (as far as we know) and are happy to be guided by rescue and take our help and advice then please give us a call.


The advantage of foster care is that you really are helping lots of dogs and you do learn a lot from the experience as well. Whilst you get attached to the dogs you care for and its not unusual to shed a tear or two when they go to their permanent home, you have the satisfaction of helping a dog that may very well have been put to sleep without you. For some people who’s lifestyle prevents them from giving a permanent home to a dog, foster caring is ideal. If you are not sure you can cope with a dog on a full time basis, foster care is a way to find out for sure, and at some point the one that you want to keep may come along.


Think you might be interested - give us a call and have an informal chat with no pressure.






For reasons I am yet to fathom the Pay Pal donate button below will not work if your internet browser is microsoft internet explorer, whereas if you use another browser for example Google Chrome, it works fine and links you to our Pay Pal account for you to donate. If you only use microsoft internet explorer you need to open a new tab and type in www.sbtfun.com/rescue.html This will take you to our old webpage where there is a Pay Pal donate button that will work with internet explorer. If you would like to download Google Chrome click HERE




Interested in adopting a dog?  Please read the “Adoption Process”  “Information” and “About Us” pages before you phone, as these pages will answer most of your questions about how our group works



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